Tek 101 for a smart life

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  • Smart Phone

Wifi, bluetooth, apps, there is so much you can do with a smartphone, for personal entertainment, staying connected through social media or taking your office with you everywhere you go. Tek101 can set up your phone with all the tools you need so you optimize your smartphone use.

  • Smart Car

Safety while driving is a key priority. Let us help setup  your phone and tech equipment so they do the work for you. We can connect your phone through bluetooth and show you how to use voice activation for lots of applications on your phone to allow you to stay focused on the road

  • Smart House

Your house has so much to offer if you equip it with a little tech twist. Door locks, safety cameras, smart lighting, smart thermostat and even smart oven, we can connect your equipment to your tablet and/or phone so you control your house from anywhere and see how it makes your life easier.