Tek 101 for computers

  • Computer setup

Whether you have a brand new laptop or need a do over with your computer, our computer setup package includes installation of all the necessary software, settings and security you need, based on how you plan to use your IT equipment, at home or for business.

  • Computer tune up

Slowing down? If your computer seems like it has a hard time keeping up with your daily use, getting slower, adding unnecessary programs to run, it may be time for a tune up. Tune up includes cleansing and refreshing your computer so it runs like it did when you bought it. It is a good preventive action as well, as we can identify the presence of viruses before they cause any damage. We encourage tuning up every 6 months.

  • Virus removal

Viruses, spywares, malwares, other unwanted programs, they are sneaky and make their way in despite us watching for them. Some of them can be highly disruptive and lead to loss of efficiency but also more harmless issues such as  loss of data, identify theft etc… Tek101 can diagnose and remove most viruses, even the harder ones. If you’re data is lost, we’ll tell you. Otherwise, we’ll track these invaders until we find and remove them!

  • Data backup or transfer

It only happens to others right? Think again. Spilling coffee at your desk, dropping  your tablet, or finding that baby got a hold of your device etc...  losing your data can happen to any of us faster than we think. Let us take care of backing up your data, or transfer it safely to a new device when necessary. We will also help you implement preventive actions and routine processes to keep your data safe.

  • Hardware / Memory install

Have a new piece of hardware to install? Whether it is a screen, graphic card, power supply, webcam or headset, we can come to your home or workplace, and set it all up for you, making sure everything is connected and works together.

  • Software / Operating systems Install

Let us help you install all the software and apps you need, we can also help going through existing options for you to choose which one will fit your need best. This includes installation of software for fun and entertainment, but also software and apps for work, so you can run your business the way you want.

  • Wifi and network setup

Make sure to connect all your devices to a single network, where they can interact, share and work together. PC, tablet, phone, TV, gaming systems, home theatre, we can look at your IT equipment together and create a solid network that will work for you at home or on the go.


Tek 101 for a smart life

Smart devices 200x133.jpg
  • Smart Phone

Wifi, bluetooth, apps, there is so much you can do with a smartphone, for personal entertainment, staying connected through social media or taking your office with you everywhere you go. Tek101 can set up your phone with all the tools you need so you optimize your smartphone use.

  • Smart Car

Safety while driving is a key priority. Let us help setup  your phone and tech equipment so they do the work for you. We can connect your phone through bluetooth and show you how to use voice activation for lots of applications on your phone to allow you to stay focused on the road

  • Smart House

Your house has so much to offer if you equip it with a little tech twist. Door locks, safety cameras, smart lighting, smart thermostat and even smart oven, we can connect your equipment to your tablet and/or phone so you control your house from anywhere and see how it makes your life easier.

Tek 101 training and consultations

We believe in training our clients so they can take control over their tech abilities themselves as much as possible. Whether it is a discussion around diagnosis of issues or pro-active consultations and training to set up your equipment, we’ll be happy to spend time with you talking through your options.

With Tek 101, everything is personalized. We will tell you upfront what to expect and will deliver accordingly. No surprises.