Tek 101, IT solutions at your doorstep

Tek 101 provides in-home, in-office technology support for all things digital. Whether you are working at home, just want to make sure your Internet is safe or connecting to the cloud, experience the peace of mind of knowing someone will take your case seriously and put our expertise and time into solving your issue.

Customer service is our top priority, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our main services are described on the services page, but always feel free to ask for out-of-the-box questions as it will be a pleasure finding new solutions with you.

Fabien Caraguel, Owner

Tek 101 for computers

Check out our range of computer services to fit both households and small business needs

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Tek 101 for a smart life

Discover how to get the most out of your house, car and everyday life through use of smart devices and set up

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Tek 101 training and consultations

Become the master of your own IT world: we will help you understand and use your material and set ups so you won't need us anymore

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